First Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated our sweet boy's first birthday with a watermelon themed party.

I found the idea for this hedgehog here.
I used beets to make the pink icing and green tea powder to make the green icing.
The adults got to drink Vodka Tonic, Watermelon Sangria and Ice Coffee. The boys got to drink Watermelon Agua Fresca.
He became so shy when we were all singing happy birthday to him! He folded over in his high chair. He can be so bashful.

Once he saw the candle, he returned to his normal self again.

The beautiful patio that my husband, his brother and his dad made for us.

He received so many lovely presents. We are so fortunate. He has a family that really loves him.

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  1. Lovely Post! Love all the photos. What a great banner, creative cookies and tempting watermelon vodka!!! He is a beautiful one year old. Lucky you to have a husband who can build you a patio! Those men sure come in handy.